Disruptive Solid State Cooling Solutions

Semiconductor Innovation that Realizes Disruptive Products

Our patented approach to cooling uses semiconductor chips to deliver precise temperature control and unprecedented energy efficiency. We are displacing antiquated technologies that depend on bulky, noisy compressors and noxious gases. Our chips can cool anything more effectively, efficiently and safely than any other technology.

Supporting telecom, our current optoelectronic products include custom thermoelectric coolers for fiber optic laser cooling in data centers. In food and beverage, our products include compact refrigerators and freezers that deliver better placement, more capacity and drive sales. And in life sciences, our medical-grade refrigerators are protecting patients and improving the quality of care.

Low Power Laser Cooling

With the tightly-held process control of our high-tech, automated ISO-certified manufacturing facility, we build high-efficiency TECs that far outperform alternatives. Phononic TECs deliver 30% lower power consumption with 60% better heat pumping density in a small footprint.

Our RoHS-compliant, application-specific designs will meet your exact parameters, no matter the package size: TO can, box TOSA or pump laser. Learn more about how our laser diode cooling solutions offer an “inside-the-package” differentiator for your transceivers.

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Revolutionary Food & Beverage Cooling

You need to innovate to grow revenue and keep ahead of competitors. Until now, you’ve been locked out of a key area of innovation – refrigeration and freezing. With patented solid-state cooling, you’ll sell more high-margin cold products.

Our solutions are nothing like the antiquated refrigerators you’re using. Phononic products deliver up to 50% more capacity for less restocking and more front-of-shelf space, and are smaller, quieter, cleaner and more reliable. They offer unparalleled temperature stability and better efficiency for unprecedented sustainability. Discover how the perfect cold will help you sell more today.

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Unparalleled Medical Refrigeration

Solid-state technology delivers unprecedented performance with temperature stability up to 20X better than compressor-based alternatives, to protect life-saving vaccines, chemo drugs, insulin and even breast milk. With automated data logging and alarms, you can rest assured that sensitive materials are safe at all times.

We’ve eliminated faulty, noisy compressors to deliver up to 40% more capacity in a small, extremely quiet solution that fits right in patient rooms. You can keep new moms and their babies together, improving bonding and eliminating the concerns of cross-contamination and pairing. From hospitals to pharmacies to labs and beyond, learn how our medical-grade solutions have introduced a new standard of care.

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