Phononic in Healthcare

Phononic’s solid state medical grade refrigerators allow healthcare providers to improve temperature performance, reliability, and energy efficiency to protect life-saving drugs and store breast milk directly in patient rooms—delivering a higher standard of care for your patients.

A nurse getting breastmilk out of a Phononic refrigerator.


safe temperature icon More precise, up to 20x better temperature stability

Our medical-grade refrigerators offer unmatched temperature uniformity and stability, eliminating warm and cold spots that can damage or destroy products. Our medical-grade refrigerators stay within a temperature range of only 0.5°C.

icon image Near-silent, less than 35 dB

Our medical-grade refrigerators are compressor-free, which means they can operate at less than 35 dB and be placed in patient rooms to improve staff workflow efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Icon Image More efficient, up to 40% energy savings

Our solid state technology offers up to 40% more energy savings than conventional compressor-based refrigeration. By constantly monitoring the temperature and making fine-tuned adjustments, Phononic’s technology is much more efficient in high-use environments. Innovations like this helped Phononic achieve the first ENERGY STAR™ certification for a solid state medical grade refrigerator.

Protection against inadvertent freezing

Inadvertent freezing can destroy active ingredients in drugs and vaccines, putting patients at risk. It’s the biggest threat to vaccine and insulin storage in a conventional refrigerator. With precise temperature stability, our solid state medical-grade refrigerators reduce the risk of freeze zones.

more storage space icon Up to 40% greater capacity

Since our medical-grade refrigerators are compressor-free, they offer up to 40% more storage capacity than compressor-based refrigerators—giving more space to store critical life-saving drugs. And the unparalleled temperature uniformity means the entire space can now be used to store valuable products without risk.

Unrivaled reliability, up to 30% lower operating costs

Compressor-based refrigerators contain lots of mechanical parts that fatigue and fail over time, leading to expensive and time-intensive maintenance. Our Solid State Heat Pumps
contain no moving parts for less maintenance and higher reliability.

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