Controlling Heat

Unlike traditional thermoelectric systems, Phononic’s multipronged, multilayered approach to thermal controls provides the ultimate system efficiency.

Chart of traditional heat control

Traditional control of Thermal Systems – How it works

Compressors cycle on and off, delivering wide swings in temperature and giving risk to spoilage and freezing. Thermoelectrics offer variable control, high precision and energy efficient capabilities. Capturing the technology’s full potential has not been realized until now.

Still from Phononic Controlling Heat animation

Phononic – How we go beyond

With Phononic control systems you can turn up performance on demand without sacrificing efficiency. Because each system is individually controllable, you get amazingly fast pull-down and recovery, with the added benefit of automatic system redundancy.


Icon Image More efficient, up to 30% less power

Scalability is one of our unique values—SelecTEC control logic can turn on or off any number of modules, depending on demand, while efficiency is maintained, using up to 30% less power. Only use the power and move the heat that’s needed.

Maximum COP

Proprietary control algorithms enable maximum COP (coefficient of performance) tracking regardless of environmental or operating conditions.

Precise temperature

In refrigeration applications, defrost cycles are rarely needed. Because our temperature control is so precise, fluctuating at only ±0.5°C, our Solid State Heat Pumps (SHPs) have 20X better temperature stability and never deliver temperatures below the freezing point.

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