Introducing a transformational step forward in commercially viable, sustainable cooling. A revolutionary HVAC solution that eliminates global-warming refrigerants and provides building owners with a sustainable solution that significantly reduces CO2e over the life cycle.

Rethink HVAC
with the TTAP platform

Our TTAP (Terminal Treatment of Air with Peltier) offers an HVAC solution that provides fully demand- based cooling and heating without the need for refrigerants or a hydraulic network. The TTAP is a modular solid state platform that can be integrated into existing building retrofits or as a feature in new build construction. It enables the use of only partially treated air ventilated throughout the building, and cools or heats specific to the occupants’ settings. This new approach delivers superior operating efficiency and costs, seamless installation and unparalleled end-user health and comfort benefits.

The Benefits of TTAP in Commercial HVAC platform by Halton and Phononic

Zero Refrigerants

The TTAP platform delivers industry-leading sustainability benefits, TTAP (Terminal Treatment of Air with Pelter) technology is changing the future of what’s possible in commercial HVAC.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The TTAP platform is the most sustainable HVAC solution and the most economical. Over its lifetime, a TTAP system can unlock an 18% total cost of ownership (TCO) savings, through its improved operating efficiency by using less central HVAC equipment, and no additional ducting or plumbing.

Fresh Air and Customized Comfort

In this uniquely designed HVAC solution, fresh or partially treated air is delivered throughout the building to each TTAP unit – which optimizes the temperature for each space.

Seamless Installation

TTAP technology represents a monumental step forward in cost and integration simplicity. The modularity of the TTAP unit enables easy HVAC integration into existing building retrofits or new build construction.

Net Zero Within Reach

Requirements such as the French RE2020 standard and the USA New York S4006c/A3006c are only the beginning of the regulatory pressure that’s necessary to build a net zero future. Luckily, the paradigm-shifting solid state TTAP platform is uniquely capable of making that future a reality.

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As the global leader in solid state cooling technology, Phononic is driving the world to a more sustainable way to cool. Together with Halton, a global leader in HVAC innovation and indoor air comfort solutions, Phononic is bringing to life the TTAP platform. The TTAP seamlessly integrates into commercial HVAC infrastructure and completely eliminates global-warming refrigerants, providing building owners and real estate developers a sustainable solution that, for the first time, dramatically reduces a building’s CO2e over the typical life cycle of a commercial installation.