High-Performance Optical Component Cooling

It All Comes Down to Heat

Data is growing exponentially, with global IP traffic projected to grow 3X over the next 5 years. In fact, we’re generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day globally. It takes hundreds of millions of optical transceivers and other technologies to transmit all that data. By 2022, the global optical transceiver market is expected to be worth nearly $7B. A major constraint facing this world-shaping industry? Managing heat. All of those millions of transceivers need to be effectively and efficiently cooled.

At Phononic, we turned expertise into action. Our unique thermoelectric cooling solutions keep data networks not just up and running, but running at the speed of today’s consumers.

Differentiate with High-Quality TECs

The requirements of cooled laser packages are evolving. Datacom optical component customers are pushing the industry to innovate and release new technology at an accelerated pace. The transition from 100G to 400G in the datacenter is expected to happen very quickly. Transceiver companies will need to innovate fast – without increasing cost – to differentiate. And in a highly standardized industry, it can be hard to do that.

Until now. A Phononic TEC (thermoelectric cooler) delivers significantly better power consumption and heat pumping density than alternatives.

Get a reliable, inside-the-package edge over your competitors.

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Scalable TEC Design

Phononic TECs are different by design. Scalable process control and metrology drives repeatable, unrivaled quality. Our TECs deliver lower power consumption and significantly better heat pumping density than typical performance.

Our TECs are assembled in a US-based, ISO-certified, automated manufacturing facility, not an R&D lab with an unstable manufacturing process. When you’re ready, we scale very quickly from design into production, reducing your NPI timeline.

Our return rate in high volume production is 0% (yes, zero) for a reason.

Laser Cooling Design Support Services

Do you lack in-house thermal design capability or have TECs that just aren’t performing? Even if you’ve never designed with a TEC before, don’t worry. At Phononic, we work closely with you to develop an application-specific configuration that meets laser package performance targets and supports project needs. We model thoroughly to ensure that once we move beyond design, it’s done right, avoiding costly and time-intensive redesigns.

Active cooling of lasers used in optical communications delivers better performance and can enable higher laser yield. Phononic’s high-performance, cost-effective TECs make the choice go cooled an easy one. Don’t settle for standard products. Get a TEC that reduces power consumption in every possible way and is designed specifically for your application.

Future-Proof Designs

Innovation is in our blood. It’s who we are. And we are influencing the next generation of cooling applications. From more durable heat pump assemblies to the exacting requirements of optical components, we are using higher-performing TECs to push the limits of what is possible. Learn about the future we are making a reality.

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