From omnichannel grocery solutions to HVAC innovation to thermoelectric cooling devices, Phononic’s transformative solid state cooling technology is driving the world to a more sustainable future.

Cold Chain

Cooling solutions for efficient, sustainable omnichannel growth


Industry-leading performance, reliability and quality for thermoelectric cooling applications


Net-zero, all-electric commercial heating and cooling with lower total cost of ownership

Our solid state technology is changing the way we live.

Meeting the demands of AI and machine learning

To keep pace with AI development, data center operators are going to have to invest in powerful, high-bandwidth optical transceivers. These next-generation components require the active cooling of TECs to optimize performance and minimize cost.

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Ensuring highest-level technology for the future of transport

Delivering highest-level performance, reliability, precision and design, Phononic TECs ensure that the exacting requirements for today’s high-profile automotive LiDAR applications are met — every time.

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