Revolutionizing cooling and heating

Solid-state technology has revolutionized our way of life. The integrated circuit has enabled unprecedented advances in information technology, with boundless connectivity and unlimited access. LEDs have changed the lighting industry forever. Now Phononic is bringing solid-state transformation to cooling and heating.

Our solid-state vision is to make sure heat won’t stand in the way of your lifestyle. Whether it’s controlling the heat of fiber optic networks that allow you to reliably stream online content; displacing compressors to keep your food, drinks, and vaccines cold and safe; or innovative climate control products that provide a comfortable environment for your home, we can do it all.

Our advanced thermoelectric semiconductor technology enables us to provide disruptive products that were previously considered impossible.

Thermoelectric principles are proven and high performance devices are the basis of everything we do, but we do them differently. Better in fundamental device performance. Flexible in form factor. Scalable in cooling capacity and output. And cost competitive by leveraging our high-volume state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing right here in the USA.

Our expertise and business model is driven by satisfying the needs of our customers through unprecedented solid-state product capabilities. Phononic will design, prototype, and manufacture devices, scalable components, and fully integrated system solutions to bring products to market.

Revolutionizing cooling and heating is smart, sustainable, and solid-state — and we’re doing it. Now.



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Smart, sustainable, and solid-state. Introducing new cool.

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