A chip this small is creating a cooler world

Solid-State Cooling

We Challenge Wasteful, Antiquated & Unreliable Cooling

Semiconductors have transformed data, communications, solar power and LED lighting. Now, they’re disrupting refrigeration.

We took one little chip building block and reinvented how to cool. Our approach to solid-state cooling breaks the boundaries of semiconductor technology to displace the antiquated technologies like compressors and fans that have been left unchallenged for over 100 years.

Our thermoelectric chips realize products that the world never thought possible from a semiconductor – or had even imagined using a compressor. From freezers to global communication systems, we’re already transforming how life-saving vaccines are protected, data is transmitted, and food and beverages are sustainably refrigerated and delivered to the market.

Our modern world has no place for noxious gases, bulky compressors or outdated thinking.

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