One chip, endless possibilities.

We’ve challenged the traditional ways of cooling and heating by creating the most powerful, quiet, and efficient solid state technology. Our chip is the element of innovation helping designers and engineers rethink solutions to the world’s toughest thermal challenges.

The Phononic Platform.

Thermoelectrics have been around for over a century, yet nobody has perfected it—until now. We’ve integrated the engineering disciplines of pumping heat, moving heat, and controlling heat to create a whole new thermoelectric system that’s powerful, flexible, and efficient.

Pumping Heat
Moving Heat
Controlling Heat
Your Solution

Pumping heat.

Our compact, modular solid state semiconductor can be designed to meet a wide range of heat pumping needs. Highly scalable while maintaining high efficiencies, it can be integrated into a fully ruggedized Solid State Heat Pump for the most demanding applications.

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Moving heat.

The integration of our passive two-phased heat transport systems with Phononic’s Solid State Heat Pumps allows for the creation of systems with low inherent thermal losses, enabling system designs of unparalleled efficiency and capability.

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Controlling heat.

Phononic’s sophisticated control systems tailor the individual operation of multiple Solid State Heat Pumps simultaneously depending on application needs. This architecture ensures the highest, most optimized performance of any solid state system.

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Your solution.

Each phase—pumping heat, moving heat, and controlling heat—builds on the other to create a fully optimized, powerfully efficient solid state system. This is solid state greatness.

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What Phononic’s technology offers.

More efficient, up to 30% less power

Unlike traditional thermoelectrics, our devices can be packaged into a Phononic Solid State Heat Pump to collectively pump heat while maintaining optimal efficiency, using up to 30% less power. Systems and products based on our Solid State Heat Pump deliver capabilities and efficiencies that rival or surpass current cooling and heating technology.

icon image Near-silent, less than 35 dB

Compressors are noisy with fans that rev up and down all day, producing loud noise levels. Our solid state technology enables compressor-free solutions that operate at silent or near-silent levels depending on system configuration.

Icon image Unsurpassed sustainability

Traditional cooling systems use CFCs, hydrocarbons, and other toxic refrigerants. With just CO2 and water, our system is non-toxic and non-flammable—the most sustainable cooling and heating solution on earth.

Flexible design

The compact footprint of our Solid State Heat Pump allows for a higher level of design flexibility at the system level. This freedom leads to the creation of product form factors thought to be impossible.

Compact, up to 40% more storage capacity

By eliminating the bulky compressor, Phononic’s solid state refrigerators offer up to 40% more storage capacity for applications such as commercial beverage coolers and medical-grade refrigerators.

icon image More reliable, lowering costs by up to 30%

Our thermoelectric system meets rigorous solid state reliability standards and is designed to eliminate the moving parts most vulnerable or prone to fatigue and failure, resulting in longer-lasting products.

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