Phononic and NanoFulfillment Collaborate to Provide New Sustainable Approach to Hyperlocal Ecommerce Delivery

September 18, 2023

The companies’ combined revolutionary technologies offer unmatched ROI and flexibility for surging online grocery demand

September 18, 2023 — DURHAM, N.C. — Phononic, a global leader in solid state cooling technology, today announced NanoFulfillment Inc., a pioneer of logistics automation, will be using Phononic’s Active Cooling Platform™ solution as part of a partnership agreement. Together, the companies have developed a new approach for efficient delivery of temperature-sensitive grocery orders to hyperlocal, urban ecommerce customers. By combining Phononic’s sustainable active cooling technology, that includes freezer and refrigerator totes, with NanoFulfillment’s automation technology, the two companies are bringing a uniquely redeployable, scalable and cost-effective experience for retailers and their end customers across North America.

In today’s market conditions, grocers continue to look for new ways to increase efficiencies and achieve profitable growth, and two key areas they are turning to are automation and hyperlocal, low-cost capital solutions. High-performing automation has historically been inaccessible, requiring massive, non-urban fulfillment centers situated far from the end user. However, the steady demand for same-day, temperature-controlled delivery has sparked a need and an opportunity for more efficient, fresh fulfillment and delivery options that expand the retailers’ sphere of influence and coverage while reducing large, expensive brick and mortar investments—needs Phononic and NanoFulfillment are primed to fill.

NanoFC® technology from NanoFulfillment is a scalable, modular and portable storage and fulfillment system that brings inventory closer to grocery customers and enables online orders to be fulfilled in under one hour. Its unique size and footprint—9’8” height, up to 1,375 square feet—allow it to be easily installed in available urban retail space, and its complimentary finance or leasing options offer a favorable alternative to high capex micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs), ultimately enabling companies to achieve the many benefits of automation at a lower cost.

Phononic’s cooling technology enables grocery retailers the ability to deploy automated solutions in an existing footprint, lowering operating labor and maintenance costs while adding flexibility through tri-temperature storage consolidation and delivery. Phononic’s complementary innovative Actively-Cooled Tote platform and connected services provide seamless operations within fulfillment automation systems like NanoFC, as well as dynamic response for inventory and order management.

“NanoFulfillment has deep expertise in the logistics and fulfillment automation space, with decades of combined leadership experience. We’re excited about the opportunity to partner with this well-established organization and marry our innovative technologies to address some of the most pressing needs of grocers today,” said Larry Yang, CPO of Phononic. “NanoFulfillment’s ability to create a network of hyperlocal neighborhood fulfillment centers, combined with our versatile cooling technology solves multiple use cases including flexible storage, demand-based energy savings and sustainability. We’re excited about the opportunity to enable faster, more sustainable, fresher deliveries to the end consumers.”

“NanoFulfillment’s alliance with Phononic and the combination of our technologies creates a previously unheard-of paradigm shift for the online grocery market,” said Francisco Serrano, CEO of NanoFulfillment. “We’re excited about the opportunity to bring scalable, affordable, automated fulfillment and delivery options to urban settings, and about the possibility of expanding our innovative solutions to other key industries down the road, such as pharmaceuticals,” said Ross Halket, CCO of Nanofulfillment.


About NanoFulfillment, Inc.:

With a relentless focus on customer experience, Nanofulfillment delivers cutting-edge yet proven intralogistics technologies to eGrocery and eCommerce retailers throughout North and South America. They believe that groundbreaking technology should be accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size. That’s why Nanofulfillment have committed themselves to delivering top-tier order fulfillment solutions at competitive prices. Nanofulfillment’s customer-centric mindset drives them to deliver unparalleled support, every step of the way. For more information, contact Nanofulfillment at [email protected], visit

About Phononic:
As the global leader in solid state cooling technology, Phononic is driving the world to a more sustainable way to cool. Its transformational technology reduces greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions and supports climate goals, while meeting the demanding performance needs of the market. The company’s thermoelectric devices and integrated products are mission critical to how people work and communicate; how automobiles ‘see’; to the protection and effective delivery of life-saving vaccines and drugs; to cooling solutions supporting grocery cold chain fulfillment needs; and to innovative methods that cool living and workspaces. For more information on the company, visit:



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