Watch: Rethink HVAC with Truly Transformative Solid State TTAP Platform, CREtech London

June 7, 2024

Phononic Co-Founder & CEO, Tony Atti, recently gave a speech at CREtech London, Europe’s premier gathering for built world innovation and sustainability. Tony presented Phononic’s TTAP [Terminal Treatment of Air with Peltier] technology for HVAC, which uses thermoelectric technology to provide all-electric solid state cooling and heating. A collaborative effort between Halton and Phononic, the TTAP is fundamentally transforming HVAC, reducing usage of fossil fuels, eliminating harmful refrigerants and bringing true Net Zero within reach.   

Watch the presentation replay:



TTAP saves significant CO2e and electrifies for a Net Zero future.  The TTAP has delivered 20%+ operational CO2e savings at rPC, 15%+ embedded CO2e savings and the elimination of harmful traditional refrigerants from the system ensures CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.   

In addition, the TTAP platform is not only the most sustainable HVAC solution, it is also the most economical one.  Over its lifetime, a TTAP system can unlock an 18% total cost of ownership (TCO) savings, through its improved operating efficiency by using less central HVAC equipment and no additional ducting or plumbing.  Given its modularity, these savings are available for new build construction as well existing building retrofits.  

Delivering environmental benefits, financial impact and raising the bar on occupant comfort and health the TTAP represents a monumental step forward in the pursuit of truly sustainable HVAC solutions.    

Learn more about the history, the impact and the first commercial installation in the 8,500m2 location at Pierre Charron in the heart of Paris.