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The world cools and heats things today using compressor technology created more than a century ago that’s too big, too loud, uses too much energy, and worst of all, harms the planet with toxic gases and contributes to global warming.

We can do better. And we are—with a solid state chip that’s enhancing our daily lives, responsibly.

Who wouldn’t want a refrigerator in their car, or personalized climate control wherever you go, or cool fresh food delivered to your doorstep? Faster data, a more comfortable night’s sleep. An improved human experience.

The world deserves a higher standard of healthcare through more effective medicines and vaccines, life-saving breast milk in the NICU, solutions to the most critical environmental challenge of our time. An improved human condition.

Phononic’s solid state chip has the power to transform our daily lives, cooling and heating our modern world responsibly, without the toxic refrigerants used in antiquated compressors. By partnering with some of the most brilliant engineers and designers on earth, we are delivering the solid state cooling and heating technology platform that the world needs.

Reach out to us to reimagine what is possible with Phononic, the Element of Innovation.

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801 Capitola Drive
Durham, NC 27713


800 Capitola Dr
Suite 7
Durham, NC 27713