Design with Phononic.

Our thermal design expertise brings your idea to life.

The possibilities.


See our components and reference designs, download our datasheets, and learn more about our existing products and applications. Imagine how, together, we can reinvent what’s possible.


Together, we’ll optimize your existing product and improve its efficiency, sustainability, capacity—all while reducing maintenance and pain points for your customer.


Want to start from the ground up? Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll pair you with our world-class engineers to build you a custom product. Together, we’ll evaluate a potential fit, model for feasibility, design the perfect parts, and bring your idea to life.

The design process.

Modeling & design

A paper study of how Phononic can enable your product ideas, including thermal performance

Prototype components

Building and testing the early design for functionality and usability

Ramp production

Stages include design and manufacturing verification, partnering with your chosen product integrator

Final product

Your product is ready to produce, distribute and sell


Unsurpassed sustainability

Using just CO2 & water, with no toxic refrigerants that contribute to global warming, Phononic’s solid state solution is the most sustainable cooling and heating technology on the planet.

More efficient, up to 40% less power

Phononic’s ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators deliver up to 40% energy savings versus compressor-based refrigerators.

More precise, up to 20x better temperature stability

With unprecedented temperature stability and uniformity, Phononic’s solid state refrigerators keep food and beverages fresh and meet FDA & CDC temperature requirements to keep vaccines, medications, and breast milk safe.

Near-silent, up to 35 dB

Unlike compressors, Phononic’s solid state refrigerators are nearly silent and easily placed in home, hotel, and hospital environments that deserve peace and quiet.

Compact, up to 40% more storage capacity

By eliminating the bulky compressor, Phononic’s solid state refrigerators offer up to 40% more storage capacity for commercial beverage coolers and medical-grade refrigerators.

Less maintenance

Without moving parts that fatigue and fail over time, Phononic’s solid state refrigerators and freezers have less maintenance, more uptime—lowering operating costs by 30%.

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