Moving Heat

Super efficient heat transport maximizes the performance of our thermoelectric devices.

Thermal image of a heatsink

Transport of thermal energy – How it works

Transport of thermal energy moves heat from the thermoelectric cooler (TEC) away from the cooled space inside a refrigerator. This design involves pairing the TEC with a heat sink, which dissipates the heat. An inherent problem in traditional designs is that high thermal resistance heat sinks limit the performance and application of this technology.

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Phononic – How we go beyond

The coupling of highly-efficient thermoelectric devices with low-resistance, efficient heat transport systems allows us to realize the maximum performance for solid state cooling and heating applications.


Heat icon More heat

Packaged into a Solid State Heat Pump, the efficiency of our TECs is compounded, pumping more thermal energy than any other device available in the same footprint—and with up to 30% lower power consumption.

Icon image Unsurpassed sustainability

Traditional cooling systems use CFCs, hydrocarbons, and other toxic refrigerants. With just CO2 and water, our system is non-toxic and non-flammable—the most sustainable cooling and heating solution on earth.

Icon image Efficient design

Phononic’s heat transport systems are designed to be very efficient over long distances, and keep the heat moving quickly to and from the TEC with very low losses.

Icon Image Temperature uniformity

Our heat accept systems use non-toxic, two-phase refrigerants that are constantly and automatically flowing to keep temperature uniform in the refrigerated compartment. No re-compression or pumping is needed. Fluctuating by only ±0.5°C, our systems deliver up to 20x better temperature stability.

Icon Image Heat flow

When appropriate for application needs, Phononic has perfected heat transport systems which allow heat to move, but in only one direction. This means the energy moves out and stays out, not leaking back into the refrigerated compartment.

Icon Image Custom solutions

Phononic thermal solutions have a variety of heat transport systems that maintain low losses with no additional input power requirement, and can be custom tailored to your application. This is key to maintaining system efficiency and enabling unique and better ways of controlling heat.

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