Pumping Heat

Phononic’s solid state thermal technology sets a new standard in thermoelectrics.

Image of a TEC12

Thermoelectric devices – How they work

A thermoelectric device is made up of specialized semiconducting materials connected in a circuit that is sandwiched between two thermally conductive ceramic substrates. When the circuit is energized heat is moved electronically in the direction of the current creating a temperature difference between the two sides of the device.

SHP50 on a grey background

Phononic – How we do things differently

We’ve taken on complex thermal, mechanical, and electrical challenges—and solved them. Phononic’s design approach allows for thermoelectric technology to be implemented in a rugged, interchangeable, and easily integrated package, minimizing manufacturing loss and reaching new levels of reliability and efficiency.


Icon Image More efficient, up to 30% less power

We have made significant improvements in the ability of our devices to deliver heat pumping with high efficiency—using up to 30% less power—high heat flux, and improved cooling. Standard thermoelectric coolers (TECs) can’t compare.

Icon Image Performance

Through rigorous thermal, mechanical and electrical engineering of our devices and Solid State Heat Pumps, we have optimized thermal and electrical parasitics associated with integrating semiconductors into devices. As a result, our TECs and Solid State Heat Pumps have the highest possible performance when it comes to primary heat transport.

Icon Image Application

Integrating devices into our Solid State Heat Pumps makes it possible to pump tens, hundreds, or even thousands of watts, enabling the use of thermoelectric technology in a wide range of cooling and heating applications.

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