Delivering unheard-of levels of performance and bandwidth for 5G.

TECs for Cooled Optics.

With innovative thermoelectric technology platforms created expressly for the unique needs of optical communications applications, Phononic leads the industry in TECs for 5G applications.

5g Acceleration

5G acceleration for how we live now.

5G, the 5th generation mobile network and the new global wireless standard, is transforming the way the world communicates and connects, offering faster data, wider coverage and more stable connections — and enabling the design of a network that connects everyone and everything.

5g Growth

5G growth is explosive, and it’s coming up faster than anyone could have anticipated given the exponential increase in data demands in the time of COVID. As new 5G applications push forward and deployments continue to expand, there will be a much heavier technical demand on optical networks.


An unprecedented amount of fiber is required to deliver on the promise of 5G. Many of the lasers, detectors, and other optical components that send and receive signals along all of that fiber need to be cooled to maintain specified performance and reliability. Phononic TECs meet the exacting demands needed for cooled 5G optics, delivering extremely compact size, heat density, and precise temperature control.


Icon Image Uncompromised performance

Our TECs deliver 60% higher heat pumping density with 30% lower power consumption, when compared to our competitors’ TECs.

icon image Scalability

We strive to offer precision at scale when it comes to the assembly process. Our TECs are built in a US-based automated manufacturing facility to scale quickly from design into production, reducing NPI timelines.

Unparalleled design

Our design, simulation, and proposal process allows us to create a device that is tailor-made to exact customer needs, minimizing costly redesign risk and ensuring best-in-class performance.




Our smallest TECs are perfect for TO Can-based laser and detectors from 10G to 25G to 50G and beyond, including PON, 5G mobile and FTTx. Typically less than 3 mm per side and optimized for up to 600 mW of heat.

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Perfect for TOSAs that support 100G LR4, 100G DR1, and 400G DR4/FR4/ZR products as well as 25G and 50G for mobile applications. Typically 4 to 6mm on a side and optimized to efficiently handle up to 1 W heat loads.

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