AI Demands High Speed Transceivers. 1.6T and Beyond Demands Cooling.

Phononic TECs enable you to meet market demands.

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Our smallest TECs are perfect for TO Can-based laser and detectors from 10G to 25G to 50G and beyond, including PON, 5G mobile and FTTx. Typically less than 3 mm per side and optimized for up to 600 mW of heat.

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Perfect for TOSAs that support 100G LR4, 100G DR1, and 400G DR4/FR4/ZR products as well as 25G and 50G for mobile applications. Typically 4 to 6mm on a side and optimized to efficiently handle up to 1 W heat loads.

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Butterfly Package TECs

TECs geared for larger packages and heat loads such as pump lasers, DWDM/tunable lasers, and Photonic integrated circuits. These TECs are 5 to 10 mm per side and can handle up to 4 W of heat.

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Butterfly package

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Phononic has developed several strategic partnerships with leaders in the semiconductor industry. These alliances have allowed us to both expand our global footprint through regional channels, as well as deepen our reach within specific vertical markets. Our existing partners include:

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