Phononic in Temperature Control for Small Spaces

Our solid state technology delivers precise and efficient temperature control for small environments—giving ultimate control, no matter where you are.

Cooling outdoors
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Cooling and heating, personalized for you.

With solid state technology, temperature control is in your hands. So, rather than having to cool or heat an entire home, you can simply set the temperature for the space you’re using.

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Stay in control of the environment.

Our solid state technology takes a traditional space heater to the next level. You can expand the use of your residential and commercial outdoor spaces to be comfortable year-round, hot or cold—even utilizing battery or energy-efficient solar power. Temperature control for outdoor spaces.


icon image Near-silent, less than 35 dB

Our solid state technology enables compressor-free solutions that produce a noise level range of less than 35 dB.

icon image Unsurpassed sustainability

With just CO2, our system is non-toxic and non-flammable—the most sustainable cooling and heating solution on earth.

check mark icon Extreme reliability

The process control and in-line metrology employed in our automated manufacturing facility ensure reliability and precision that scales into production, as evidenced by a TEC return rate of 0% in mass production.


Small appliances

Small appliances powered by solid state technology transform the home by distributing cooling in small form factors, such as kitchen appliances, kegerator, ice cream maker and other household goods.

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Indoor air conditioning

With solid state technology, the temperature is set to wherever you’re at. So, rather than having to cool or heat an entire home, you can simply control the temperature for the space you’re using.


Our solid state technology offers precise temperature control for outdoor spaces. Solid state technology gives you greater control over the environment with precise temperature control and optimal efficiency. Our system is designed to maximize comfort—whether you’re trying to heat or cool.

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