Phononic in Furniture & Bedding

With solid state technology, cooling and heating can be embedded in furniture and bedding to make what’s already comfortable even more comfortable.

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A modern living room with couch and fireplace.

Temperature stability that responds to you.

Our solid state technology can enable cooling and heating that responds to your needs with precise temperature stability and optimal efficiency. Whether you want to be warmed up or cooled down, our system can maximize your comfort.

Modular and adaptable, for any application.

Modular and adaptable, for any application.

Flexible in design, our system allows for greater freedom of placement or use. And since it has fewer moving parts, it requires less maintenance and delivers greater value in the long run.

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Cooling and heating, personalized for you.

With solid state technology, the perfect temperature is possible. So rather than having to cool or heat an entire home, you can simply control the temperature for the space you’re using.



Our technology can be implemented in upholstered seating—couches, chairs, sectionals—to cool or heat depending on where you’re sitting.

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Rather than run a ceiling fan or space heater for your patio, with solid state cooling and heating technology you can have precise temperature control built right into your outdoor space.

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Whether you’re hot or cold at night, solid state technology can adapt to your body temperature by adjusting the temperature of your mattress or pillow.

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