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Everything that requires electrical power, from cell phones to lighting, creates heat – thermal challenges are everywhere. And any passive cooling system must be designed for the weakest thermal link in the chain. Compressor-based cooling solutions are loud, bulky and prone to failure, and traditional thermoelectric devices (TECs) have a reputation for low efficiency and poor reliability. What’s a product developer to do?

Bring your revolutionary ideas to Phononic. We have the deep thermal engineering capability to bring your dream to life.

From Components to Reference Designs to Fully Finished Products

Heat Pump, Phononic, semiconductor, solid state

Phononic Heat Pump

Reference Design, Phononic, Refrigerator, solid state

Reference Design

Finished Product, Refrigerator, solid state cooling, Phononic

Finished Product

We’ll help you solve the toughest thermal challenges from end to end. We start with our PHPs, the engine of every thermal system. It leverages a unique, patented device approach that led to the first Energy Star®-certified compressor-free refrigerators and the first thermoelectric-based freezers on the market. It delivers up to 60% higher cooling efficiency and up to 100X higher reliability time-to-failure (TTF) as compared to traditional cooling incumbents.

Then, we layer in high-performance electronics and thermal components that maximize cooling, beat power consumption requirements and reduce noise and form factor all in a fully integrated reference design that brings your product to life.

The Solid-State Home of the Future, Refrigerator, Solid state cooling

The Solid-State Home of the Future

The Difference is Our Knowledge

Our real differentiator is our extensive thermal design expertise. The same thermal know-how that realized our medical-grade refrigerators and helps our optical component customers dramatically lower their power consumption can be yours, to bring your product to reality.

The best part? You choose the level of engagement that works for you. We can provide devices and a reference design or you can partner with us for full productization.

The Future of TECs

A TEC is a TEC, right? Except when it’s produced in a high-tech, US-based semiconductor production facility, using rigorous process control and cutting-edge automation to enable high-volume production with consistent quality. Except when it offers transceiver companies a chance to put a performance differentiator “inside the box” where standardization doesn’t limit their choices.

We are pushing the limits of what’s possible to keep pace with the applications of today’s consumers. From autonomous vehicles to face recognition, we are developing the innovations that will deliver better performance while reducing power consumption.

Read more about our optoelectronics innovation.

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Distributed Refrigeration: Retail, Home & Beyond

In retail today, innovation is the key to differentiation – and revenue. Our technology is the first in refrigeration that doesn’t force you to play by its rules – it adapts to you and your customers. Gone are the days of banishing high-margin beverages and frozen treats to the back of the store. We’ve changed how beverages are cooled and displayed – and we’ve opened up a whole new point-of-sale location for freezer items.

We believe that technology should also adapt to the needs of consumers in their homes. We can also deliver a future of distributed refrigeration – keeping food and beverages where you actually consume them – for the homes of tomorrow.

Healthcare of Tomorrow

The future of solid-state cooling for life sciences and healthcare is boundless, from improving quality of life to protecting patients and keeping them safe. Our medical-grade refrigerators are already more energy efficient than their traditional counterparts – with up to 40% savings, they’re the only solid-state medical-grade refrigerators with ENERGY STAR certification. They’re also cleaner than traditional refrigerators – our compressor-less, no-exhaust technology is approved for use in clean rooms.

Now we’re inventing ways for our small-scale, highly stable cooling solutions to change how ambulances transport critical materials, how blood banks store and distribute deposits, and even how bandages might work – to name just a few possibilities. We see a world without the limits of inefficient compressors, imperfect legacy technologies and even ice buckets….and it’s already here.

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We're creating a cooler world every day.

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