Solid-State Medical Refrigerators

Medical-Grade Cooling for Life Sciences & Healthcare

Phononic medical-grade refrigerators deliver more accurate, stable and uniform temperatures than any compressor-based alternative, eliminating accidental freezings and hot spots. They’re a much safer choice to protect vaccines, insulin, chemo drugs and other sensitive materials from damage. Protect both your medications and your patients with our new standard of care.

Our refrigerators run so quietly, they can sit in a patient’s room, cooling medications and breast milk – even without disturbing a newborn. And since there is no compressor, you have more storage space and less hot exhaust pouring into the room. By keeping refrigerated items right in patient rooms, you eliminate the risks of cross-contamination and improve overall patient satisfaction.

Medical Refrigeration That Offers Peace of Mind

Our refrigerators offer increased storage capacity and temperature uniformity,which allows you to safely use the entire cabinet without limitation. And with automated data logging that meets CDC requirements and rapid door opening recovery times, you’ll have fewer out-of-range alarms – and rest easy knowing everything is safe.

Since we’ve eliminated the mechanical parts of compressors and fans that fail most often, you’ll get a reliable, long-lasting solution that requires less maintenance and upkeep, delivering better long-term ROI.

countertop refrigerator, Medical Grade, cold temp refrigeration , laboratory products

Medical-Grade Countertop Refrigerator

Our compact, 1.8 cu. ft. medical-grade countertop refrigerator sits right where you need it, including on countertops and tabletops in labs and hospitals.

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undercounter medical refrigerator, Medical Grade, cold temp refrigeration, laboratory products

Medical-Grade Undercounter Refrigerator

Our 5.5 cu. ft. medical-grade undercounter refrigerator tucks away neatly under countertops, to save you space in patient rooms, labs and medical facilities.

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