Phononic in Neonatal

Phononic’s solid state medical grade refrigerators offer NICUs a safer, quieter way to store breast milk directly in the patient room—all without disturbing the baby or interrupting the bonding experience. It’s a standard of care that newborns deserve.


baby in co-sleeper

Precise temperature control and uniformity.

Our solid state medical grade refrigerators keep the temperature uniform throughout the interior cabinet, reducing the risk of inadvertent freezing or warm spots and ensuring safe breast milk storage.

mother kissing baby’s head

Near-silent operation.

Compressor-based refrigerators rev up and down throughout the day to maintain the correct temperature. Since our refrigerators are solid state, they run nearly silent to ensure a quiet, peaceful environment for newborns.

Access wherever and whenever you need it.

Our cooling solutions are small and quiet enough to be used in a single-family room, and are easily adaptable to fit the needs of a busy NICU. Phononic’s Micro Benchtop Refrigerators can be installed under counters in NICUs and adapted into a refrigerated drawer, allowing for optimal use of space and ease of access.

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