Stay USP <797> and USP <800> Compliant with Solid State Refrigeration

USP <797> and USP <800> require unique controls for compounding hazardous (chemotherapy) drugs. Pass-through refrigerators are no longer allowed in a cleanroom environment—conventional refrigerators must be vented outside the room, and a separate, dedicated refrigerator is now needed for hazardous drugs. Our solid state, medical grade refrigerators are 100% cleanroom-ready – there’s no need for special ventilation or other adjustments and workarounds. Make the switch to solid state.



Icon image More efficient

Solid state cooling delivers up to 40% energy savings and a cooler working environment with less exhaust. This lessens the burden on your facility to maintain temperature control within the cleanroom.

Clean and sustainable

Replacing conventional compressors and toxic refrigerants with solid state technology eliminates grease, oil, or metal particles dispersed into the environment.

Icon image Low maintenance

Without compressors or mechanical forces, there are fewer moving parts to maintain and fix. The modern, simple design makes all exposed parts easy to reach and clean.



The Countertop Refrigerator / TSG205

Our compact refrigerator (1.8 cu Ft / 52L) offers precise temperature stability and control, lower maintenance costs, and unprecedented reliability in a smaller size.

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Countertop Refrigerator

The Undercounter Refrigerator / TSG505

Phononic’s undercounter refrigerators (5.5 cu Ft / 156L) provide the highest level of cold-storage protection and increased storage capacity in a small footprint.

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It’s quiet enough to be placed directly in NICU.

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