Phononic in Cold Storage

Phononic’s revolutionary solid state technology delivers the highest standard of care across the entire cold chain ecosystem—from the top of the cold chain to the last mile—to ensure patient safety.


Industrial solutions

At the top of the chain, our solid state technology creates cooling solutions for the research, manufacturing and transport of critical samples, reagents, and temperature sensitive items.

Healthcare solutions

And at the last mile, we’re bringing solutions to the patient. Phononic’s solid state technology enables safer, more efficient, and sustainable cooling solutions for medicine storage, pharmacy automation, and cleanroom refrigeration—with the potential to transform countless healthcare environments such as plasma freezing, blood refrigeration, and more.

Worry-free maintenance

Our laboratory and medical grade refrigerators are powered by a small, solid state chip. That means, there are no compressors to maintain. With no moving parts to fatigue and fail over time, our solid state systems require little maintenance and are quick and easy to install and deploy.

Icon image Sustainability

Using just CO2 & water, with no toxic refrigerants that contribute to global warming, Phononic’s solid state solution is the most sustainable cooling and heating technology on the planet.


Medicine & vaccine storage

A nearly silent, reliable, and precise storage solution that ensures the protection and viability of valuable medicines and vaccines.

Pharmacy automation

An aftermarket solid state cooling solution that integrates into the existing workflow, ensuring that refrigerated drugs are kept secure and precision-cooled.

Cleanroom refrigeration

Cleanroom-ready without requiring additional dedicated ventilation, allowing you to put refrigerators wherever they’re needed.

Refrigerated drawers

The scalability of our solid state cooling technology supports dedicated use in individual patient rooms or for personal home storage of critical items, such as breast milk or insulin.

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