Phononic in Diagnostic Thermal Cycling

Expand the frontier of molecular diagnostics. For devices using thermal cycling, our solid state cooling achieves a level of speed and reliability that other thermoelectrics cannot meet. Be closer to the patient and open up new markets.


Faster performance

To perform in the extremes, your thermoelectric devices need to do more. The speed with which our solid state technology performs allows tests to happen quickly at point of care, getting closer to the patient.

check mark icon Reliability

Traditional thermoelectrics struggle with high cycling rates. Our technology provides high reliability—even when driven to the extremes—to deliver the quality expected in lower acuity applications, opening up new markets.

Worry-free maintenance

Our laboratory and medical grade refrigerators are powered by a small, solid state chip. That means, there are no compressors to maintain. With no moving parts to fatigue and fail over time, our solid state systems require little maintenance and are quick and easy to install and deploy.

Icon image Sustainability

Using just CO2 & water, with no toxic refrigerants that contribute to global warming, Phononic’s solid state solution is the most sustainable cooling and heating technology on the planet.


Diagnostic samples

Avoid inconclusive biopsy results due to uncontrolled and unreliable thermal transport conditions. Precise temperature control ensures trustworthy test results.

Battery-powered temperature control

Solid state technology, when combined with battery backup, allows refrigeration-grade temperatures while off the grid, ensuring quality control whether it’s for food delivery or transport.

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