Medical Refrigeration for Drugs & Vaccines

Improving the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain

Wherever you are in the pharmaceutical cold chain, you have a responsibility to ensure that your drug and vaccine storage meets CDC and Joint Commission requirements. What if there was a medical refrigerator that delivered superior temperature uniformity – no more worrying about placing items only on the middle rack – had better stability and faster recovery times, and offered automated data logging?

There is: the solution is medical-grade, solid-state refrigeration.

Doctors in Pharmacy

Unprecedented Temperature Stability and Uniformity

Problems in the cold chain tend to appear at the end, as drugs get closer to distribution and the end user. By replacing antiquated compressors with solid-state cooling, our refrigerators better support the demands of pharmaceutical storage from end to end.

Phononic refrigerators deliver extremely stable temperatures and excellent temperature uniformity across the cabinet. Compressor-based refrigerators oscillate as much as 5°C, creating ongoing temperature fluctuations that can damage or destroy products. With constant monitoring and adjustment, our oscillating temperature range of only 0.5°C creates a safe, stable environment. This reduces the chance of inadvertent freezing, which can destroy active ingredients and pose patient risk, and eliminates the worry of where on the shelf to place materials.

Doctors in Pharmacy

Automated Data Logging

Our refrigerators also offer local data logging, monitoring and alarm notification management. With data from embedded glycol and air temperature sensors, these refrigerators meet CDC data logging guidelines.


Freeze Protection

The biggest danger to vaccine and insulin storage is accidental freezing - eliminate freeze zones and hot spots with precise temperature stability and uniformity

Log Data Automatically

Local data logging, monitoring and alarm notification management meeting CDC data logging guidelines

Unrivaled Temperature Stability & Energy Savings

Achieve greater temperature stability with up to 40% energy savings

Cleanroom Ready

Solid-state cooling is low-exhaust, without grease, oil or particulates, making our medical-grade refrigerators ready for use while meeting USP <800> guidelines with no renovation or special ventilation necessary

Extraordinary Sustainability Drives Return on Investment

Phononic refrigerators are more intelligent about resource consumption, letting us achieve ENERGY STAR® certification with up to 30% energy savings. You’ll also realize up to 40% more capacity in a small footprint, with more temperature-regulated surface area for vaccines and medication.

Eliminating the mechanical parts of a compressor that are most prone to failure, our refrigerators provide much less maintenance. When combined with better overall performance, you’ll reduce overhead costs and total cost of ownership, resulting in a stronger ROI.

Our solutions also support the needs of pharmaceutical labs and patient-facing practitioners.