Life Sciences & Medical Refrigeration

Big Opportunities for Quality of Care

In 2016, the US spent 21% of GDP ($3.9 trillion) on healthcare, yet health outcomes are ranked #11 of high-income countries. Quality of care is often stunted by antiquated technologies: cold chains aren’t ensuring vaccine safety and potency. One US survey reported that 1-5% of vaccines are wasted due to cold chain problems – a cost of about $31 million.

It goes beyond vaccines. Cancer patients can’t keep drinks or food safely in their room, protected from the dangers of cross-contamination (are we really still using pink ice buckets?). New mothers in NICU can’t store breast milk nearby, eliminating opportunities for mother-baby bonding and opening the door for pairing mix ups in a communal refrigerator.

You are in this field because you care about people, their outcomes and their comfort. Phononic lets you deliver the standard of care you know is possible.

A New Standard of Healthcare Is Here

“Modern” compressor refrigerators were invented in the 1800s, and while the world has changed, medical refrigeration has not. With something as critical as patient safety, it’s now time to expect more out of medical-grade refrigeration.

Phononic’s medical cooling technology is nothing like antiquated compressor-based refrigerators. Our compressor-free solutions offer significantly better temperature stability and uniformity, more storage capacity, and are quieter, cleaner and safer, without using toxic chemicals. Unlike old technologies, Phononic’s medical-grade refrigeration technology is designed for everyday point of use such as patient rooms, nursing stations, or the laboratory workbench.

Don’t let your patients miss out on the new standard of care. It’s your job to protect them.

Refrigeration That Actually Makes Patients Safer

Vaccines and medications have to be stored safely to protect your patients. Phononic’s solid-state medical-grade refrigerators use constant monitoring and continuous adjustment to deliver far more stable temperatures for safer storage, exceeding CDC and FDA requirements for vaccines and breast milk. And we monitor door openings, triggering an instant thermal response for faster recovery even in high use.

By eliminating bulky compressors, our refrigerators give you up to 50% more storage and better temperature uniformity throughout the cabinet, meaning you can now use all available space. You can rest assured that all of your sensitive materials are protected.

Unprecedented Sustainability

Doing away with inefficient compressors, fans and toxic refrigerants lets us make better use of resources, driving efficiency. We offer the only solid-state medical-grade refrigerators with ENERGY STAR® certification, and we are the winner of the ENERGY STAR Innovation Award for this distinction. We’ve also eliminated the mechanical parts that fail most often, delivering greater longevity with less maintenance for better ROI and lower cost of ownership.

Better Patient Satisfaction

Whether it’s for a critically-ill patient or a delicate baby in the NICU, Phononic’s solid-state medical-grade refrigerators are incredibly quiet, generate less heat, and have a modern and appealing design, making them perfect for patient rooms. Imagine keeping breast milk in the same room as mother and baby, without disturbing the baby or interrupting the bonding experience. Moreover, every mother is happier keeping her milk in her room and within her sight.

Driving Innovation in Life Science & Healthcare Cooling

Our cooling technology is revolutionizing life sciences and healthcare. Next, we are targeting how to unlock safer emergency transport, improve blood storage, or reduce inflammation with self cooling bandages.

Our vision: to completely displace antiquated refrigeration in order to better protect and save patient lives. We aren’t stopping until we’ve changed the world.

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