Leading Innovation in Optical Component Cooling

A Unique Approach to Laser Cooling Technology

At Phononic, our goal is simple, yet bold: push the limits of what’s possible and do things differently than they’ve always been done. Laser cooling technology is evolving, and we are leading the charge.

We’ve taken a radically different approach rooted in a deep understanding of the traditional complaints about semiconductors – they aren’t reliable, they’re hard to integrate – to develop solutions that shatter the old limits.

A TEC isn’t just a TEC. A Phononic TEC is – and will always be – different.

A History of Innovation in Semiconductor Technology

We’re obsessed with performance. We’ve leveraged extensive experience in system design to innovate new ways to reduce power consumption while delivering ever-greater performance.

Patterned Metallization

Customer needs drive our innovation roadmap. We have partnered with several customers to design custom, patterned metallization to the top ceramic plate. This enables you to attach components to our TEC without a complicated laser subassembly, to simplify your manufacturing process and BOM. Read our app note for details.


metal-top ceramic attachment
Example metallization patterns

heat pump system, heat pump refrigerant

Phononic Heat Pump (PHP)

This unique way of thinking is obvious in our heat pumps, which were a completely new solution to an old challenge. While the rest of the industry was chugging out clunky, low performance Peltier coolers with lots of wires that are easily damaged, unreliable and difficult to build into thermal systems, we used a semiconductor assembly approach to design a solution that is more reliable, more rugged and delivers higher performance. Some might even call it elegant.

Looking Ahead: LiDAR, Non-Hermetic & More

Non-hermetic TECs

We’re also working on solutions for non-hermetic laser packages. Non-hermetic laser diode cooling can help significantly reduce costs, enabling you to be more competitive on pricing.

And we’re able to leverage our deep experience designing refrigerators and thermal systems of many kinds to help you better navigate the design and development challenges of cooled, non-hermetic packages.

non-hermetic TEC


3D sensing and Beyond

We are dedicated to keeping pace with the applications of today’s consumers. Whether it’s autonomous vehicles, face recognition or even crime protection, we are developing solutions for LiDAR (light detection and ranging), 3D sensing and detection components that are the foundations of the coming technological revolution. We will develop the innovations that deliver better performance, leading to more sensitive and accurate detection, which in turn leads to a higher level of safety. And we’ll do it while reducing total power consumption.

Phononic is constantly inventing and perfecting new ways to meet your thermal challenges and make your world even cooler. Have a unique application in mind? Contact us today and we’ll partner with you on development.