Phononic in Telecommunications

Phononic enables high-performance thermoelectric cooling that delivers what the telecom industry needs: high reliability and heat pumping density paired with significantly lower power consumption. Our solutions enable better cooling performance for high and low data rate transfer as well as long reaches.


30% Lower power consumption

With less power consumption, you’ll enable performance improvements while differentiating inside the laser package, where you’re not limited by standards.

check mark icon Extreme reliability

The process control and in-line metrology employed in our automated manufacturing facility ensure reliability and precision that scales into production, as evidenced by a TEC return rate of 0% in mass production.

Exceptional design support

We consult with you to understand the full thermal picture of your application and model it carefully before moving to the prototype, ensuring it’s designed right the first time and allowing you to qualify and launch your product faster.

Continuous innovation

We are driven by a need to innovate, and we’ll learn your product roadmap and align our TEC innovation efforts with it to support your needs.

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