Phononic in Detectors & Sensors

A fully connected IoT (Internet of Things) is becoming a reality, and detectors and sensors are crucial to enabling a smart world. These tiny, powerful instruments allow devices to sense, understand, and interact with their environments. But, in many implementations, they may need thermoelectric cooling to maintain peak performance and permit the development of new functionality. Phononic TECs (thermoelectric coolers) deliver lower power consumption and higher heat pumping density than alternatives, for optimal cooling performance.

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Icon Image Uncompromised performance

Up to 60% higher heat pumping density and up to 30% less power consumption drives performance, even in shrinking form factors.

Precision that scales

The precision and reliability of our TECs has been proven at scale, allowing you to meet the demands of high-volume production with confidence.

Shorten your NPI timelines

Our unique design process and application-specific devices help shorten development cycles so you can get your products to market quickly.

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