Phononic in LiDAR & 3D Sensing

The applications for LiDAR & 3D Sensing components are practically limitless. From autonomous driving and machine vision to meteorology and topography-mapping, the need for precision and high-sensitivity is critical for all.

Thermoelectric cooling can be implemented for the light source, the detector, or the beam steering mechanism to increase sensitivity, accuracy, and range or to shrink sensor form factor. TECs also enable new detection methods and functionality for applications where wavelength control is critical or multiple wavelengths are needed.


Uncompromised performance Uncompromised performance

Up to 60% higher heat pumping density and up to 30% less power consumption drives top performance even in the most compact form factors.

check mark icon Extreme reliability

The process control and in-line metrology employed in our automated manufacturing facility ensure reliability and precision that scales into production, as evidenced by a TEC return rate of 0% in mass production.

Shorten your NPI timelines

Our unique design process and application-specific devices help shorten development cycles so you keep up in a rapidly evolving market.


Autonomous vehicles

Where public safety is the ultimate goal, LiDAR components need to deliver absolute and consistent performance, no matter the environment. Phononic TECs ensure those exacting requirements are met every time.

Meteorology and Geomatics

LiDAR is used extensively to map the earth’s surface and provide information on weather and climate. Our TECs can be used to stabilize the laser light source, ensuring high-accuracy LiDAR data.

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