Phononic in Data Communications

The transition to 400G is happening quickly, and higher speeds and capabilities will follow in the coming years. To stay competitive, transceiver companies need to innovate without increasing package cost. Our TECs deliver better power consumption and heat pumping density than alternatives, and supports the high-volume production quantities demanded by hyperscale datacenter applications.


60% Higher heat pumping density

Realize considerably higher heat pumping density, enabling dependable heat dissipation for shrinking form factors.

Exceptional design support

We study the full thermal picture of your TOSA design and model carefully before moving to the prototype, so you’ll know it’s right the first time.

30% Less power consumption

This reduction is realized at the laser package level, so you can reduce your total transceiver power consumption and meet MSA specs without sacrificing laser performance or yield.

Cost-effective alternatives to uncooled

Our re-engineered TEC for non-hermetic applications delivers uncompromised performance while enabling dramatic package-level cost savings.

Quality that scales

The precision and reliability of our TECs has been proven at scale, allowing you to meet the demands of high-volume production with confidence.

Shorten your NPI timelines

Our unique design process and application- specific devices help shorten development cycles so you can get your products to market quickly.

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