Thermoelectric Cooling for Pump Lasers

Product Overview

Pump lasers have extremely high performance demands – after all, you don’t want to have performance issues when you’re dealing with transatlantic cable runs. Butterfly packages require reliable, larger-sized, higher-density heat pumping TECs to support the amplification and transfer of data across extremely long distances.

Phononic’s high-performance, low power-consumption TECs withstand the challenges inherent in pump laser applications. When the standard of global communications is at stake and there’s a massive construction budget on the line, you can’t settle for standard products. All of our solutions are custom-designed to meet your needs.

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Our unique design and tight process control give you a high-quality differentiator inside the package, where industry standards don’t limit you. Learn more about our engineering solutions.

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rohs & iso


  • Transatlantic & very long reach fiber optic network runs
  • Pump sources for EDFA (erbium-doped fiber amplifiers)


  • Low power consumption
  • Very high heat density
  • High reliability for very long reaches
  • Compatible with I-temp or C-temp ranges

Integration Options

  • Bare wire bond pads
  • Wire bonding posts
  • Cold side electrical connections
  • High-temperature solder
  • Solder pre-tinning
  • Pre-attached wires
  • Patterned cold-side metallization
  • Pre-attached cold-side thermistor
  • Automation-ready packaging

Pump Laser Product Specifications

product specifications

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