The Digital Supply Chain Podcast Interview with Phononic’s GM, Dana Krug

July 11, 2022

Traceability And Sustainability In The Cold Supply Chain – A Chat With Phononic’s General Manager Dana Krug

In a recent interview with the Global Vice-president at SAP Tom Raftery, host of The Digital Supply Chain Podcast, Dana Krug highlighted the many developments in cold chain fulfillment and how Phononic’s Intelligent Actively-Cooled Tote gives the end user the “ability to understand exactly what the temperature is in every one of our totes all the way through, and then have the documentation. So if anything was to go wrong, we’ve got complete traceability back all the way down to that actual tote. And that’s done without having human intervention, it’s all automated.”

Episode overview from The Digital Supply Chain Podcast: 

Chillers are typically bulky, noisy energy-intensive devices loaded with toxic chemicals with a very high climate change potential. We use them all the time in supply chains to keep goods in a particular temperature range.

What if you could make chillers another way? That is what Phononic has done. They have created solid-state chillers which run virtually silent, using a fraction of the power of standard chillers, and are so small they can fit in regular retail totes.

To learn more I invited Dana Krug, Phononic’s General Manager to come on the podcast to tell me more.

We had a fascinating conversation, where Dana told me how their chillers work, how they can be utilised in supply chains for more reliable cold chains, and some results their customers have had.  I learned loads, I hope you do too…

Listen to episode below or visit the episode on the Digital Supply Chain Podcast website to listen on any of your favorite steaming platforms or read the full transcript of the episode.