Phononic Announces Strategic Supplier Agreement of Thermoelectric Cooling for LiDAR Sensor Systems

September 6, 2023

Solid State Innovator Providing Luminar with LiDAR Cooling to Help Enable Next Generation Vehicle Safety

DURHAM, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Phononic, a global leader in sustainable solid state cooling, today announced a strategic supply agreement to provide thermoelectric cooling devices and related design and engineering services to Luminar, a global automotive technology company ushering in a new era of vehicle safety and autonomy.

Building upon the millions of Phononic thermoelectric devices already cooling optical, telecom, and fiberoptic communications equipment, this first-of-its kind thermoelectric strategic supply agreement represents the next mission critical deployment of Phononic technology. In addition, this ensures supply chain and manufacturing availability of cooling-integrated solutions that meet the most demanding automotive industry performance, quality, and reliability requirements.

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“Phononic is uniquely positioned to support LiDAR’s demanding performance, reliability, and manufacturing specifications needed to realize the next evolution in vehicle safety,” said Jason Ruppert, Device Solutions GM at Phononic. “This strategic supply agreement enables Phononic and Luminar to redefine best practices and create an unparalleled solution for next generation vehicle safety.”

Luminar’s LiDAR systems are already designed-in to multiple OEM passenger vehicles, unlocking next generation automotive safety. Using a combination of high-performance laser emitters and receivers, LiDAR determines the distance and type of objects ahead of a vehicle giving the driver more time to react to dangerous situations.

Optimal LiDAR performance that enables vehicle safety requires consistent temperature control, even in the face of extreme automotive environmental conditions. Leveraging proprietary thermoelectric technology and a scalable device architecture, Phononic is uniquely positioned to reliably deliver high performance cooling that meets demanding automotive OEM standards.

“Strategic supply agreements have long been used in the automotive industry given its unique, complicated, global supply chain and manufacturing footprint,” said Marco Bracalente, Vice President of Product Development at Luminar. “This agreement enables Phononic and Luminar to ensure the level of supply chain continuity and manufacturing availability expected by today’s major automotive customers.


About Phononic:

As the global leader in solid state cooling technology, Phononic is driving the world to a more sustainable way to cool. Its transformational technology reduces greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions and supports climate goals, while meeting the demanding performance needs of the market. The company’s thermoelectric devices and integrated products are mission critical to how people work and communicate; how automobiles ‘see’; to the protection and effective delivery of life-saving vaccines and drugs; to cooling solutions supporting grocery cold chain fulfillment needs; and to innovative methods that cool living and work spaces. For more information on the company, visit:


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