Solid State Cooling, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Phononic is a growth stage, Consumer Products Company commercializing solid-state heat pumps and fully integrated systems that displace compressors for residential and commercial refrigeration, window mounted air conditioning, and heating. The Company’s disruptive approach combines high performance solid-state heat pumps integrated into a manufacturing-friendly systems architecture that realizes consumer products that are completely quiet, feature no moving parts, are energy efficient, and toxin-free.

Impacting almost every segment of the economy effective management of heat presents a unique engineering challenge to end-users and a multi-billion dollar opportunity for Phononic and our partners:

  • Almost 40% of home energy use in the U.S. is dedicated to refrigeration and climate control
  • More than 125M compressors are sold annually supporting small, compact, full size, and premium segments of the residential refrigeration market
  • Window mounted air conditioners are the fastest growing HVAC segment and now account for more than 56M units sold annually

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Phononic Unleashes the Power of Solid State Cooling and Heating for Laboratories, Research Centers and Medical Facilities