Lost in the Supermarket? Here Are 4 Ways Solid State Cooling Can Help

August 2, 2019

A shopper is browsing the grocery store frozen food aisles, searching for the right package of veggies for her family. In front of her, there are dozens of options, produced by dozens of different companies. However, despite the sheer number of frozen veggie bags, there appears to be little difference between them all. So, how does she choose?

That’s the million-dollar question that manufacturers have been trying to answer for decades. Is it brand loyalty? Price? All-natural ingredients? Or whichever package stands out the most?

Every consumer is different, and the reasoning behind the ultimate choice may be different every time. The truth is, it’s nearly impossible for a brand to differentiate its merchandise in the overcrowded congestion of the refrigerated and frozen food aisles. But out of the cooling aisles, in a space of their own, there are four key ways that brands can get more eyes on their products and boost sales:

  1. Drive impulse sales.

    Supermarket refrigerators and freezers offer very limited options for single-serve, impulse purchases. In contrast, a near-silent compact fridge or freezer can easily be placed at checkout (or other locations throughout the store), so single-serve products are exactly where customers are most likely to buy them. Think mozzarella snacks near the tomatoes. Or breakfast burritos in the cereal aisle.
  2. Elevate your brand.

    Retail store refrigerators and freezers are overcrowded with products that all seem the same. A cooling solution with versatile placement options draws customers’ attention to your brand because they can actually see your products. Freedom of placement and customizable branded wraps can further enhance in-store brand visibility and facilitate product access.
  3. Establish new revenue streams.

    Brands can easily test new flavors, varieties, products, sampling opportunities and even new retail locations with a single-serve strategy that puts product in higher traffic areas. These placement opportunities allow companies to build a more innovative product portfolio and a smarter go-to-market strategy.
  4. Keep up with the trends.

    As new products emerge and consumer preferences shift to locally sourced, organic and non-GMO foods, solid state cooling allows brands to showcase products that are aligned with the latest trends. Plus, the small, fast and simple nature of solid state refrigerators and freezers make it easy to swap products when the next trend comes along.

Phononic’s solid state refrigerators and freezers do not use a compressor, which means there is ample capacity in a very small footprint. Our cooling solutions fit on existing product shelves, checkout stations and food service counters – places where customers are ready and eager to make a purchase.

Want to find out more about how solid state cooling can help differentiate your brand and get more eyes on your products? Get in touch with our Food and Beverage team.