Commercial Cooling for Food & Beverage

Innovative Solid-State Commercial Freezers & Refrigerators

Phononic’s solid-state commercial refrigerators and freezers deliver up to 40% more storage capacity in a quiet, compact and aesthetically-pleasing cabinet. You’ll hold more cold products and restock less often, and your food and beverages will be at the perfect customer-pleasing cold all the time.

Our refrigerators and freezers are reliable and low-maintenance, so customers will have a consistent experience and your team won’t spend half their time fixing broken compressors and fans. With solid-state refrigeration, you’ll discover better temperature stability, faster returns to cool after openings, and better efficiency. And our solutions come with automatic data logging, so you can monitor cooling performance and gain insight into traffic indicators such as door openings.

Better Refrigeration Placement Drives More Sales

Because our refrigerators don’t release hot fumes into the workplace and are nearly silent when operating, you can place them anywhere that makes the most sense for you – whether that’s on a bar top or checkout counter. By getting better placement for your products, you’re guaranteed to sell more high-margin items (including frozen treats!).

merchandising refrigerator

Merchandising Refrigerator

Countertop & end-cap merchandising refrigerators let you place your best-selling cold products right wherever customers will see them – on checkout counters, concession stands or bar tops.

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undercounter refrigerator

Undercounter Refrigerator

Undercounter refrigerators let you tuck cold items away into the places that are most convenient, reducing foot traffic in busy areas like kitchens and barbacks.

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merchandising freezer

Merchandising Freezer

Get your profitable freezer items out of deep ice chests and into point of sale by placing compact, quiet freezers right on checkout counters and other consumer-preferred locations.

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