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We’re driven by an unshakeable belief: the world deserves a better, sustainable and modern way to cool. When we first envisioned how to revolutionize cooling, a 200-year-old technology, no one believed it could be done. So, we went ahead and did it – in healthcare, the most demanding of industries.

From custom TECs (thermoelectric coolers) that reduce power consumption in fiber optic networks to point-of-sale freezers that open up new retail product placement to medical refrigerators that improve mother/baby bonding and vaccine management, our products shatter the traditional boundaries of their markets.


Solid-State Products That Are Changing the World

Phononic is vertically integrated and in our US-based, ISO-certified production facility, we build everything from highly efficient TECs (thermoelectric coolers) to innovative heat pumps to finished products. Our compressorless refrigerators and freezers are nothing like their antiquated traditional alternatives.

No matter the application, our solid-state products deliver outstanding temperature stability and uniformity, lower power consumption for better efficiency, smaller footprints and less noise. We have revolutionized the way telecom, retail and life sciences cool – forever.

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Designing the Future of Solid-State Cooling

The applications and benefits of solid-state cooling technology are endless. We have a brilliant team of engineers focused on bringing those applications to life and into the marketplace. They’re working two, three – even five – years into the future, designing solutions for challenges you haven’t even discovered yet.

We have already changed how life-saving drugs and vaccines are protected, data is transmitted and food and beverages are stored and transported. Our limitless innovation will continue to break the bounds of technology across industries.

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