Medical Refrigeration for Patient Care

Delivering Better Patient Satisfaction and Safety

You and your team work hard to deliver the best possible care. Patient satisfaction can be improved in many ways, including some you might not think of immediately – such as refrigeration.

Imagine if your most sensitive or chronic patients could have the protection of quiet, non-toxic refrigeration in the convenience of their own room. Our unique cooling technology means your patients (including newborns) won’t be woken up by a noisy compressor, and our extremely stable temperatures mean you can keep breast milk and medications right in your patient’s room; not a centralized area that’s out of your way. There is a new standard of care available, and it’s one that your patients not only want – they deserve.

Patient satisfaction is your calling. It’s ours, too.

Hospital Room

Better, Safer Mother/Baby Bonding

There is no more critical bond than between mother and baby. A delicate preemie in the NICU deserves the very best care and protection. Our designs leverage a compressor-free technology that delivers precise temperature control with more capacity – without harmful chemicals like freon. Because we’ve eliminated noisy compressors, the refrigerators are small and quiet enough to be kept right in patient rooms, supporting mother/baby bonding while eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. Your new mothers will not only thank you, they’ll be back for their next child, and they’ll tell their friends as well!

Deal with Fewer Alarms

Most refrigerators struggle to hold the temperature range recommended by the FDA and CDC for breast milk or medication storage. Our refrigerators not only meet these requirements, they recover quickly, even after repeated openings, to maintain safe temperatures. This means that you’ll be dealing with far fewer “out-of-range” alarms that keep you away from tending to your patients.

Our refrigerators also provide extremely tight temperature uniformity throughout the entire cabinet, so you no longer need to worry about inadvertent freezing or remembering where to place breast milk or medications to ensure safe storage.

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Hospital Room


Quiet & Comfortable

Enhance mother/baby bonding by silently storing breast milk in patient rooms - reducing pairing concerns and FIFO tracking

Safe & Worry-Free

Meet FDA & CDC temperature requirements for vaccines, chemo drugs, medications and breast milk - and stop worrying about using only the middle shelf

Temperature Stable

Forget accidental freezing and out-of-range alarms with extremely temperature-stable refrigerators - even with repeated openings

Patient Nutrition

Healthful nutrition is an important part of long-term patient care. Keeping a patient’s food in their own room significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination, and unprecedented temperature stability eliminates bacteria and spoilage. This is especially critical for oncology or other high-risk patients with compromised immune systems.

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