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Phononic is unlocking unique point-of-sale retail locations never before possible. Sports and entertainment venues, including Raleigh’s PNC Arena, are now deploying sustainable solid state freezers to serve up grab-and-go offerings right at check-out, giving consumers more variety and healthy, fresh options.

And partnering with a top sports and entertainment venue, we’re ahead of the curve in meeting the demands of today’s consumer.

Consumers want better options and the ability to quickly grab their food of choice. To address this need, PNC Arena, the premier sports and entertainment venue in Raleigh, NC, and home to the Carolina Hurricanes and NC State Men’s Basketball, launched its new grab-and-go eatery, offering fans a reimagined concessions experience.

Phononic Event in Raleigh

Bringing fresh food and frozen treats to fans, directly at point-of-sale.

PNC Arena adopted Phononic’s F200 Merchandising Freezer in the store as the ideal countertop solution for frozen treats, with its compact, aesthetically modern design and quiet operation—all made possible by its solid state foundation, which eliminates the need for a compressor and requires no harmful refrigerants to operate.

Phononic Event in Raleigh

Can be placed anywhere, without making a sound.

Phononic’s refrigeration and freezing solutions can be placed anywhere within the arena because they don’t require special power drops and are nearly silent, unlike conventional compressor units. A low, uniform heat reject, also unlike conventional compressor units, ensures favorable co-existence with checkout merchandise such as candy.

For food companies: more eyes on your brand.

Improves ROI while saving the earth.

With the need to replace traditional compressors that fatigue and fail, Phononic’s merchandising refrigerators and freezers reduce the time and cost spent on maintenance, while also improving the environment by operating using just CO2 and water, not the harmful refrigerants that greatly contribute to global warming.

Phononic Event in Raleigh

For food companies: more eyes on your brand.

Compact and sustainable freezers and refrigerators powered by solid state cooling technology can enable stores to deploy and trial more fresh and frozen items throughout stores.



Phononic F200 Merchandising Freezer

The Phononic F200 Merchandising Freezer is the world’s only commercial merchandising freezer designed specifically to provide distributed refrigeration to improve customer satisfaction while driving higher sales.

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Phononic C200 Merchandising Refrigerator

The Phononic C200 Merchandising Refrigerator is the only small-scale commercial merchandising refrigerator that uses solid state technology to create and maintain consistent cooling.

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