Phononic F200 Merchandising Freezer

Get more eyes on your brand and sell more frozen treats by putting them within your customer’s reach. With our solid state technology, food and beverages can be merchandised at more locations throughout the store to drive higher impulse sales. Our small-scale, compact freezer can be placed on checkout counters, bar tops, and concession stands to consistently and quietly cool high-margin frozen products. And using just CO2 & water as a refrigerant instead of harmful hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), our solid state system is non-toxic and non-flammable — the most sustainable cooling and heating solution on earth.

The Micro Bench-top Freezer


Freedom of placement = impulse sales

Our compact, solid state freezers can be placed in non-traditional places and fit in nearly every space storewide to drive impulse sales.

Store up to 40% more

Our higher-capacity refrigerators and freezers offer up to 40% more storage space to place the highest-margin products where customers will notice them, giving bars and restaurants the opportunity to unlock greater points of sale with less frequent replenishment.

icon image Near-silent at less than 35 dB and vibration-free

Since our solid state freezers are compressor-free and vibration-free, they can operate at less than 35 dB and be placed in high-impulse points of sale without disturbing the customer experience.

Low heat output & low current consumption

Most freezers cycle a compressor on and off to push heat from inside to the back or bottom of the unit, resulting in hot air exhaust. Phononic’s solid state technology allows for a more consistent heat output that won’t damage or disturb nearby foods, and uses up to 30% less energy per volume cooled when compared to compressor-based freezers.

1st place medal icon More precise, at up to 20x better temperature stability

Compressor-based freezers run on duty cycles, which means they can fluctuate as much as 10°C in temperature. Our solid state refrigerators are always on, fluctuate only ±0.5°C, and deliver up to 20X better temperature stability.

Icon image Unsurpassed sustainability

With just CO2 & water, our system is non-toxic and non-flammable—the most sustainable cooling and heating solution on earth.



Our compact solid state refrigerators and freezers can give hypermarkets the opportunity to feature in-store promotions and specials, test new flavors or products, or increase sales of in-house brands and ready-made products through greater freedom of placement.


With solid state technology, grocery stores can display fresh food and healthy snack options directly at points of sale, such as check-out counters.

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Convenience store

Our solid state technology can give convenience stores greater freedom of placement to unlock new revenue streams and channels.

Arena concessions

Concessions are a huge revenue component for arena spaces. With solid state technology, arenas can sell more concessions at high-traffic areas during ball games and concerts.

Restaurant & bar

With our solid state technology, quick service restaurants can unlock new opportunities to sell desserts and healthy snacks right at points of check out.

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Solid state technology can give commercial spaces such as convention centers, sports complexes, cafeterias, and movie theaters greater freedom of placement and control to sell snacks and refreshments.

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