Innovative Refrigeration for Better Brand & Product Marketing

Sell More by Getting in Front of Customers

Whether you’re promoting a brand or category, or positioning the highest margin products, placement is key to driving sales. Beverages and frozen items are traditionally relegated to hidden areas of restaurants and low-traffic backs and sides of stores where large refrigerators or freezers fit. What if there was a better way to display your products, and more of them, in prime locations like high-impulse point-of-sale where you can charge a premium?

There’s a revolution in cooling that keeps more of your products front and center. Find your competitive advantage.

Girl drinking bottled water

Revolutionary and Sustainable Solid-State Refrigeration

You know how competitive food retail is. The way to differentiate is to stake out a leadership position by innovating first. Our patented solid-state cooling technology is nothing like the outdated compressor-based refrigerators you know. It has unrivaled performance, meeting the demanding specs of DOE, is free of toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases, and delivers better efficiency and unprecedented sustainability.

Phononic refrigerators and freezers deliver precise, stable temperatures and better uniformity throughout the cabinet, even at the edges, so there’s no risk of accidental freezing. Our refrigerators also recover temperatures quickly, despite multiple openings. Your buyers will enjoy reliably ice-cold drinks, without having to fish for ones closer to the middle or the back.

Product Placement Right Where You Want It

Our cooling technology offers greater capacity in a small footprint and without the hot exhaust and loud noise of traditional alternatives. This means you can place your products, including frozen treats, where your buyers will see them – like on a counter at checkout or right beside the bartenders on top of the bar.


Sell More

Get out of the back: our refrigerators and freezers quietly sit - and comfortably fit - wherever they’ll reach the most hungry, thirsty customers

Feature Your Most Profitable Products

Clean, aesthetically pleasing designs support your brand and offer more capacity and more front-of-shelf space to feature your most profitable products

Deliver a Better Experience

With precise temperature control, fast recovery and excellent uniformity, products are consistently cold without freezing - keeping customers happy

Customize Your Branding

Easily swap refrigerator skins with custom magnets - get your products noticed, be an innovation leader and even test customer engagement

Store More to Sell More

You’re measured on turnover. With Phononic refrigerators, get more space (up to 40% greater capacity) to hold more inventory – and get more of the coveted front-facing space as well. More inventory means you can push more product into consumers’ hands, and you won’t be slowed down by restocking as often. Get smarter cooling and sell more, now.

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