Breakthrough Commercial Refrigeration

Unlock New Sales Opportunities

You’re navigating unprecedented changes in the industry, with competition more intense than ever. In this cutthroat market, the most innovative companies and brands will get the revenue.

Take a look at your floor. Cold and frozen products – some of the highest margin items you stock – fall victim to terrible product placement. Even though refrigerators and freezers are a big expense, they aren’t doing a thing to help you sell. Phononic unlocks new opportunities for placement and promotion.

We are disrupting traditional displays with distributed inline cooling, so you can sell more high-margin products – even in unusual or compact spaces.

Grow Your Revenue with Innovative Cooling Technology

Now more than ever, retailers, hospitality managers, convenience stores, stadiums and consumer brands strive to keep pace with modern consumers. You can’t afford to slow down when you’re dealing with fast, tech-savvy customers.

Our patented solid-state cooling technology is completely unlike the antiquated compressor-based refrigerators of yesteryear. Our refrigerators are compact, quieter, cleaner and safer, with up to 40% more capacity, unrivaled temperature stability and smarter resource consumption. Solid-state cooling is more sustainable refrigeration that actually lets you sell more and keep customers happier.

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Sell More with Better Refrigerator Placement

By replacing bulky, noisy compressors with a slim, silent semiconductor heat pump, our refrigerators deliver up to 40% more capacity in the same physical footprint. They’re quiet, they look great and they don’t release hot exhaust, keeping your point-of-sale cool and clean and protecting other perishable foods in the area. This means you can store more products with less restocking and place them – even ice cream – where buyers are most likely to see them, like on the checkout counter.

Ensure Product Safety & Quality

When a refrigerator or freezer fails, you lose money on spoiled products. But you also risk leaving a negative impression on customers, who may worry about product safety and quality. Compressor-based refrigerators have mechanical parts that require upkeep and can fail easily. We’ve eliminated those parts to reduce the risk of failure.

Maintain the Perfect Cold

Our precise, extremely stable temperatures keep food and beverages consistently cold, with no hot spots or frozen areas, no matter where in the refrigerator they are. And our quick thermal response regains cold quickly after restocking, so customers will always find your products at the perfect state of cold.

Your bottom line will also benefit from better resource consumption, leading to up to 40% energy savings. Compressors and fans just can’t compare.

Driving Innovation in Food & Beverage Cooling

We’ve already unlocked prime point-of-sale locations for products previously banished to the back with our unique refrigerators and freezers. We envision a world of smarter food & beverage cooling, and even, distributed home refrigeration, all made possible by replacing outdated and inefficient legacy technologies. The possibilities for revenue-driven food & beverage cooling applications are truly infinite – and we are making them real.

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