Phononic Customer Support

The documentation and customer support information listed below will help you to get the most from your Phononic products. If you have general questions about your Phononic product or a specific technical support need, please contact us.

Customer Care Contacts

Phone: [Mon-Fri 9-8 EDT] +1.844.476.4202
Fax: 919-827-0741
Mail: 801 Capitola Drive, Durham, NC 27713

For questions on an existing order, please contact

Patent Notice

The Phononic™ Evolve™ Benchtop Refrigerator, the Phononic™ Evolve™ Benchtop Freezer, the Phononic™ Evolve™ Undercounter Rerigerator, the Phononic™ SilverCore™ Systems, the Phononic™ SilverCore™ Heat Pumps, and the Phononic™ SilverCore™ devices may be covered by one or more of the following patents:

US8563844, US8564129, US8901612, US8893513, and US8991194.