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Intelligent Actively-Cooled Tote

HEX 2.0

Looking for HEX 2.0 support? Contact us here for resources for HEX 2.0, including tech briefs and software and firmware updates.

Food and Beverage Product Documentation

Below you can find links to Phononic’s product documentation for its Food and Beverage products:

Medical Compliance / Product Compliance

Phononic medical-grade healthcare refrigerators are designed to comply with even the most stringent industry standards for controlled storage of pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, and medical devices.

Phononic Medical-Grade Countertop Refrigerator

The Phononic medical-grade countertop refrigerator uses innovative semiconductor chips to deliver better temperature accuracy, stability, and uniformity. This helps protect vaccines, chemo drugs, insulin, breast milk and more from damage or even destruction.

Its compact size with low heat and noise output makes it a perfect fit for bedside use or on countertops in patient rooms, greatly reducing risk of contamination. For new moms, you can even store breast milk right in the room without a loud compressor disturbing the baby, improving mother/baby bonding and driving overall patient satisfaction.

Phononic Medical-Grade Undercounter Refrigerator

Using semiconductor chips and a solid state refrigerant loop to generate cold, Phononic medical-grade solid state undercounter refrigerators protect vaccines, breast milk, chemo drugs, insulin, and more from damage or destruction better than traditional alternatives. They deliver superior temperature stability, accuracy and uniformity.

These undercounter refrigerators are small and quiet enough to be used right in patient rooms, eliminating contamination concerns. There’s no hot exhaust or risk of chemical exposure to harmful refrigerants. For new moms, especially those with babies in the NICU, you can store breast milk right in patient rooms so that mothers can keep their babies close without disturbing their rest. All of these benefits help you drive improved patient satisfaction scores.

Medical Technical Support and Documentation

Quick Start Guides

User Guides

Warranty Conditions

Please refer to the User Guide for full warranty information.

Medical Refrigeration FAQ

Phononic products are “out-of-the-box ready” and should be quick to install and simple to use. The following addresses common questions you may have about the products, and also specific operational questions you might have during use.

General Questions

How does the refrigeration technology work?

Phononic is built on SilverCore™ refrigeration technology. It uses a non-toxic, non-hazardous refrigerant embedded in the walls to absorb and channel heat energy to an internal solid state heat pump—this component replaces the purpose of the compressor in a typical refrigerator. The heat pump cools the refrigerant material when it channels the heat energy out of the system and into the ambient environment. Two external fans are the only moving parts that help dissipate heat to the natural environment.

How long before I can use the product?

In a normal ambient environment, your refrigerator should pull down to the target set point within a couple of hours. It is common industry practice to monitor the unit over 48 hours to ensure it is holding the set point temperature.

How reliable is the system?

We have conducted strenuous life-testing studies to develop confidence in the construction and system design of our refrigerator. Our studies indicate at least a 10-year life expectancy based on these stringent test protocols. Because our systems have no internal mechanical parts, it’s easy to operate and requires very little maintenance to work at peak performance levels.

Is this a NEMA approved power cord? Is the power cord healthcare approved?

Yes, it is a healthcare NEMA approved plug (indicated by the green dot on the cable).

Can the units be placed in a Pyxis cabinet?

As with any electrical or mechanical system, heat accumulation in a closed environment can impact the cooling performance of a refrigerator. We recommend adequate ventilation in the back wall of the cabinet to dissipate heat outside of the cabinet.

Why should I register the product?

For a limited time, Phononic is offering a 5-year warranty for the heat pump device when you register your product at the Phononic website.

What kind of maintenance is required?

Because this is a complete solid state refrigeration system, there are no internal moving parts to be serviced. Occasionally you will want to check the external fans for dust build up and seek service support. Otherwise there is no maintenance required to keep the system working at peak performance.

Operational Questions

How do I set up the wireless connection?

Most common issues for Wi-Fi setup involve an incorrect password to Wireless Access Points connecting to the unit and incorrect keypad entries of the code in the setup process. Please consult your IT department for network connections to confirm you have the most current password. For detailed instructions please see the User Guide and Product Manual, linked above.

Where can I find the serial number, the MAC ID, the IP address?

You can find your product information by accessing the user control interface: Main Menu > TOOLS > INFO. The serial number is also located on the shipping label on the packing box and product label on the back of the unit.

Why is there a battery? Will I need to activate or replace it?

An internal, non-rechargeable lithium CR123A battery provides continuous power to the internal data logging part of SilverPoint (not for powering the unit). This type of battery is a standard-sized camera battery. To activate the battery, simply pull the small, red plastic tab your unit is shipped with and it’s ready for use! If the low battery alarm is indicated, this alerts you that the battery has reached 20% of its remaining life. This can be reset on the control panel but will re-alarm every 30 minutes until it is replaced. To replace the battery, locate the battery on the back left-hand side under the battery access plate. Simply remove the two screws from this plate and gently remove the battery. The battery can be purchased from common electronics stores.

The unit control panel has become unresponsive? What should I do?

When this occurs, are you attempting to connect to your network Wi-Fi? If so, do you have an internal protocol to consult your IT department for network connection? If not, a user interface reboot may be required if you’re stuck. This reboot will not interfere with the cooling system, it simply refreshes the user interface. Instructions to reset the unit may be found in the Product Manual.

I have a hard time seeing the display menu items. What can I do?

We recommend when looking at the display doing so directly at eye-level for the best screen resolution.

Why is there condensation building up on the interior walls?

Condensation is completely normal in a cold wall refrigeration system. Condensation occurs when humid air cools when in contact with the cold walls and excess water vapor condenses on the walls as droplets. There is an out-of-sight system to collect and evaporate the excess runoff. You may see excess condensation during the initial cool down period. If you see this, please clean excess off with included accessory absorbent bag.

Is the unit calibrated? Can I calibrate it?

The unit is not calibrated to NIST standards as default, but both the air and glycol sensors can be calibrated. Please see the product manual for specific instructions.

Patent Notice

The Phononic™ Evolve™ Benchtop Refrigerator, the Phononic™ Evolve™ Benchtop Freezer, and the Phononic™ Evolve™ Undercounter Refrigerator may be covered by one or more of the following patents:

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To view all Patents held by Phononic Inc. you can review here.