The End of HFCs and CFCs

June 27, 2019

The Rise of Refrigeration

Did you know the first working vapor-compression system was built before the Civil War? In 1834, technology for refrigeration was created and sent everyone on the path to cooled bliss. Today, food, computers, medical samples, automobiles, housing and other hallmarks of comfortable life rely on cooling systems to keep things performing efficiently. Without the ability to cool things properly, many of our modern marvels would not exist.

While the technology for cooling systems has come a long way since the early 1800s, there are still several fundamental aspects to most cooling systems that are environmentally problematic. The key is finding better systems than big, bad, vapor-compression cooling.

What is Wrong with Vapor-Compression Cooling?

For starters, vapor-compression refrigeration has a poor energy efficiency rating. According to the Department of Energy, “refrigerators use more electricity than any other kitchen appliance. With over 51% of the average home kitchen’s electrical expenditure going into the fridge, it actually consumes more than all other kitchen appliances combined. The refrigerator accounts for almost 14% of the average electrical bill, which puts it right behind the No. 1 item for electricity usage: air conditioning.” (Daily Finance, from EPA).

The system relies on materials called HFCs and CFCs, which, in some cases, have already been banned and deemed environmentally unsafe. Typically, these systems have moving parts that are susceptible to breaking down, and the amount of energy surges needed to kick start the compressor are unforgiving in environments with dirty power supplies. To top it off, the mechanical compressors also create vibrations so intense that they contribute to workplace noise pollution. The negatives inherent to these systems, unfortunately, outweigh the positives.

How does Phononic Solve the Problem?

Our intent at Phononic has always been innovation. Changing the way the world utilizes cooling systems by disrupting the fundamental technologies behind these systems is our passion, and it comes with unprecedented performance. Our SilverCore™ refrigeration system uses a solid state philosophy and technology approach to cutting-edge cooling and heating solutions, and it overcomes the problems that make vapor-compression a dangerous option.

Our sustainable refrigeration system is energy efficient, ultra-quiet when in operation, and eliminates all of the hazards associated with CFC and HFC refrigerant. We also have a slew of unique differentiators such as superior temperature control and uniformity throughout the chamber, lower operation and maintenance costs, dependable operation with battery backup power compatibility during power outages, and absence of internal mechanical parts. All of these features combine to offer the peace of mind that comes with reliability.

Phononic’s SilverCore refrigeration systems are the best solution to vapor-compression technology. Why not invest in the environment, increase your energy efficiency and cost savings while keeping your things cool?

Take the next step and use SilverCore refrigeration to change the world – one degree at a time.