Solid State Refrigeration Revolutionizes Cold Storage Technology

August 20, 2019

A crucial step to the successful launch of any new product is choosing the right distributor. At Phononic, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Health Care Logistics (HCL), a healthcare industry leader – specializing in manufacturing, packaging, and distribution – for the launch of our 1.8 cubic foot compact refrigerator, now available.

Operating from their four central Ohio locations, Health Care Logistics is a family-owned company, built on over 40-years of delivering excellence in everything they do, in accordance with their own core values that put customer satisfaction at the very top of their priority list.

That philosophy really resonates with us at Phononic™ and matches well with our own commitment to quality assurance. After careful analysis during our lengthy selection process, it became quite clear that HCL had the experience and scope of service excellence we were seeking in a distributor.

But HCL has the potential to provide so much more than just distribution. HCL will add value to our entire customer experience by providing extras like live chat and live phone service. They’ve even got a 24/7 emergency hotline. All that, and a hassle-free return policy makes HCL truly everything we’d hoped to find in a distributor.

And HCL is every bit as excited to be working with Phononic. By entering into a preorder arrangement with Phononic, HCL secures a significant share of the large-scale production launch of the 1.8 cubic foot Evolve™ compact refrigerator.

“HCL wants to ensure that we provide the best products for our customers,” said Gary Sharpe, chairman of the board and founder, HCL. “The Evolve refrigerator’s superior temperature stability, Wi-Fi connectivity, remote temperature monitoring, alarms, low energy usage per unit—make it a great addition to our product offering.”

Revolutionizing Cold Storage Technology

It sure is a great addition to their product offerings. The Evolve product line from Phononic dramatically changes cold storage technology for medical and healthcare facilities. The refrigerators and freezers utilize Phononic’s SilverCore™ technology, a solid state system that actively moves particles of heat, known as phonons, resulting in unprecedented cooling capabilities.

“We’re reinventing cooling technology that is more than a century old. Our Evolve products offer superior temperature stability and precision control, lower maintenance costs, and more sustainable,” Demasi explained.

The Phononic/HCL partnership; a winning combination that’s sure to make bringing Evolve™ to market a huge success.