Silent Refrigeration

June 13, 2019

The typical modern refrigerator runs at a noise level range of 32-47 dB (decibels). A unit that runs at lower than 40 dB is typically considered a quiet refrigerator. To put this in perspective, a whisper is 30 dB, a babbling brook is 40 dB, and light traffic would clock in at 50 db.

When to Use a Quiet Refrigerator

While a quiet refrigerator could be appreciated in almost any room, there are some environments where less sound is even more critical. For example, a quiet refrigerator could make a big difference in a patient room in a hospital. New moms, who are often sleep-deprived themselves, could certainly benefit from a quiet refrigerator that's right in their room, where they can safely store breast milk – all without disturbing their newborn baby.

A quiet refrigerator can also help improve ambiance – for example, in a quiet, cozy restaurant or bar. Having a refrigerator that doesn't produce much background noise will help improve the customer experience.

Phononic & Quiet Refrigerators

Phononic's solid state refrigerators have no noisy compressors and fans that rev up and down all day. This means they run almost silently – at less than 35 dB. Our quiet refrigerators can be used for healthcare as well as food & beverage applications, and are available in countertop and undercounter sizes.

Our medical-grade refrigerators meet CDC and FDA requirements for safe, quiet storage of medication, vaccinations, and breast milk. They are perfect for use in hospital rooms and other locations where patient satisfaction could be improved by a quieter, more peaceful atmosphere. 

In food and beverage, our refrigerators offer retailers and restaurants a way to showcase high-margin cold products in high-traffic spaces, such as at the point of sale, without adding to the noise level. Our merchandising/end-cap refrigerator (5.2 cu. ft. of internal capacity) and our undercounter option (5.5 cu. ft. of internal capacity) both offer a clear glass door for prominent product display. Our food and beverage tailored refrigeration does not limit to these two options. We also offer 2 sets of merchandising freezers (internal volume of 0.2 and 0.4 cu. ft.) that provide quiet, efficient, and compact solid state cooling.