Phononic featured in Grocery Dive “5 Notable Tech Companies from Groceryshop”

September 29, 2022

Phononic was featured as a “top 5 notable tech company” at the Grocery Shop conference, held in Las Vegas, NV, by

From the article:

LAS VEGAS — Every year, Grocery Shop’s exhibition hall gives show attendees a peek into some of the biggest challenges and operational priorities that grocers are facing. This week was no different, with a host of technology vendors showing off a range of solutions that reflected an ongoing drive for efficiency, better data and an improved omnichannel shopping experience.

Here are a few tech companies that stood out.

As retailers look for ways to make e-commerce fulfillment faster for retailers, cold-chain technology supplier Phononic displayed self-contained bins that keep food cold and can be loaded into vertical stacking machines to save floor space in stores or other facilities.

The totes, equipped with cooling technology Phononic developed that uses only carbon dioxide and water to control temperature, are designed to sit on movable shelves in the stacking units, which are made by companies like Vidir Solutions. Employees summon a tote using a control panel that prompts the stacking unit to retrieve the bin and bring it down to floor level. The vertical units, which are 18 feet tall, are currently piloting at 20 Walmart Canada stores, said Matthew Walker, vice president of sales with Phononic. He said the units could be a “middle ground” storage solution for grocers that want to move beyond storage racks and cold rooms but aren’t yet ready to invest in a fully automated solution like micro-fulfillment.

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