Phononic Featured in Ecommerce Times, Grocery Home Delivery May Ride on Cold Chain Technology

October 13, 2022

Phononic was recently featured in Ecommerce Times, one of the most popular e-business and technology news publishers in the United States. The article titled, Grocery Home Delivery May Ride on Cold Chain Technology, covered the rapid growth in demand for online grocery purchases and how those in the grocery industry needs to execute on their last mile distribution operations if they want to be successful, and most importantly – profitable. The Ecommerce times covered Phononic’s sustainable cooling solution for last mile grocery delivery and recent partnership announcement with Sortimo.

From the article:

Last mile delivery of products ordered online is a nagging problem for merchants and consumers, and it is even more challenging for food retailers. The innovative Phononic EV might be driving a new solution to deliver groceries efficiently and sustainably while rivaling Amazon’s planned aerial drone package delivery system.

Phononic unveiled its electronic vehicle for sustainable last mile delivery at the Home Delivery World Show in Philadelphia on Aug. 31. At this point, the vehicle is a functional proof of concept. It is not available on the market.

What happens next is in the hands of Sortimo. The two companies formed a partnership to fit the Ford E-Transit (Extended Version) with reconfigurable shelving to create a cold chain transport van for grocery retailers to deliver on e-commerce without the food spoilage risk.

Phononic’s new approach integrates thermoelectric-based cooling solutions into customized shelving. The partnership created the first truly sustainable cold chain grocery transport by transforming an electric van into an all-electric tri-temperature vehicle.

The electric vehicle is free of the environmentally damaging, synthetically produced refrigerant called hydrofluorocarbon or HFC.

“We could see the ability for customer deliveries using EV vans upfitted with Phononic technology for tri-temperature cooling likely in 2023,” Dana Krug, vice president and general manager at Phononic, told TechNewsWorld.

Read the full article here: Grocery Home Delivery May Ride on Cold Chain Technology