Future of Omnichannel Growth in Grocery: Sustainability Meets Scalability and Customer Satisfaction

Omnichannel grocery is here to stay. Precise hyperlocal, tri-temperature fulfillment will be critical for future omnichannel grocery – delivering tangible business savings and ROI while simultaneously improving end customer satisfaction. Flexible storage, demand-based energy savings, sustainability and the ability to scale and grow in precise alignment with market demand, and not before, represents the critical unlock.

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Cuhaci Peterson

Cuhaci Peterson is an architectural, design and engineering firm skilled at delivering creative retail technology solutions within the built environment and transforming the shopping experience across numerous sectors, including grocery, convenience, retail and more.


Phononic is a global leader in solid-state cooling technology. Phononic’s omnichannel grocery solution includes Active Cooling Solutions™ (ACS) refrigerator and freezer totes, rack and cart integration kits that enable tri-temperature picking, staging and storing and an IoT platform that provides critical operational and temperature telemetry points.


Nanofulfillment™ has developed a uniquely re-deployable, scalable and cost-effective retail fulfillment solution, the NanoFC®. When the NanoFC® is combined with Phononic’s ACS™ platform, it provides a seamless and unique application for tri-temperature fulfillment automation at this scale.

Interact Analysis

Interact Analysis discovers the technology insights that matter – delivering 70+ projects for 200+ global clients, every single year. With offices spanning the UK, US and Asia, they’ve grown to become the go-to partner for international market research.

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