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Mick Wilcox

Mick Wilcox


Mick Wilcox is Chief Marketing Officer at Phononic, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand management, and corporate sponsorships. Prior to joining Phononic, he worked in strategic business development and marketing at several companies. Notable is his previous four years as Vice President of Strategic Marketing for Acuity Brands, a Fortune 500 Company, where he utilized an analytical approach to marketing to implement successful strategies to capture target consumers.

Previously, Mr. Wilcox held the VP Marketing position at high tech start-ups Bridgelux, acquired by CEC, and Nuventix, acquired by Aavid. Mr. Wilcox’s focus and drive is centered on expanding the company’s reach utilizing his experience in start-ups.

Mr. Wilcox served seven years as a captain in the United States Air Force, stationed in Kapaun, Germany and Colorado Springs, CO. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Wyoming and an MBA from Regis University in Finance and Accounting.